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Adata 威剛科技 高樓層 - Animation 製作

Design By Doris Wu

Adata 威剛科技 大廳 - Animation 製作

Design By Doris Wu

"紳樂" 左岸京站 馬公館 / 2021夏季

男主人主修聲樂, 與音樂為舞的工作與生活, 在空間的氛圍營造之下, 融合了紳士與聲樂的精神主軸. 空間內使用了稀有石材, "翠谷幽蘭", 貫穿了整體空間. 搭配上灰色的木紋與皮革材質, 悠然地稱體上了紳士氣息. 空間端點的平台鋼琴是空間的主軸, 既是工作的利器, 也是精神上的支柱. 建材上的使用很多層次, 大理石, 木皮, 皮革, 鍍鈦鋼條, 油漆染色格柵與天花板, 多層的材質肌理, 就像紳士著裝精美訂作西裝一般. 將空間的建材層次搭配, 如同精神上的西裝革履, 批掛在生活與精神之上. 更多的作品分享, 請上設計作品網站

"菩提境苑" / 2021夏季

人生旅途的憩站 菩薩相隨的虔淨故鄉

生命旅途的驛站, 舒適且高雅的悠遊其中; 將室內環境與氛圍, 圍塑菩提樹下佛陀怖道時的莊嚴與寧靜; 在此居住的家人, 菩薩與佛陀隨行, 舒適澄淨, 沐浴佛法之喜, 內在歡喜無邊


完整呈現菩提樹下的莊嚴與寧靜氛圍, 使用自然元素的建材如仿天然木皮, 大理石材, 間接光源漫射光設計, 圍塑著寧靜致遠, 祥雲迎繞的空間氛圍

帶領著入住家人的業主, 經過祥福氣息濃郁的花園景觀設計, 經由專業與服務致上的接待人員, 宛如五星級飯店的客服服務與氛圍, 帶領著業主在室內享受著瑩繞著的莊嚴與祥和氣息

高樓層上有著VIP區, 設計如同一地一園, 一園一戶的毫門大戶; 在這裡住著至親的家人, 他早晨就能開門見佛, 與佛相隨, 菩薩相伴, 在人生的驛站如何休憩著, 非常殊勝


previous version of design concept from Porsche.



In many studies and in the experiment, using the ripple of sound, you can move tiny sand particles, and arrange the special shape of the ripple. If we amplify the energy of the sound and the energy of the precise intersection of the peak and low sound waves, we can push larger objects; from the sand on the mobile desktop to the construction of skyscrapers.

In physics field, sound is a vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave, through a transmission medium such as air, liquid or solid. The curtains, slabs, and floor plans in this skyscraper all use dynamic sound energy to generate ripples, and transmit by “ultrasonic media” to precise locations. this will be a future skyscraper constructed and integrated by physics, architecture, and artificial intelligence.

How the AI Curtain work by AIUSD and USM.

Introduce to Device and System

Through multiple “AI ultrasonic devices”, aka (AIUSD), to control and shape the “ultrasonic medium” between them(AIUSD), aka (USM). An AIUSD is like a dumbbell shape, and can emit ultrasound at its endpoints and centers. For each one to shape the USM by AI information system technology, send out accurate frequency and target position to achieve the function of shaping. So S.O.U.S. Buildings can use the AI system to transmit sound waves, to change the layout plan, and shape the slabs to make flexible use of space; the density and shape of the outer wall (curtain and skin) to manage daylight and energy; and use AI to obtain information that is beneficial to nature.

“Ultrasonic Medium” (USM) would be translucent, semi-solid, and semi-fluid like a slime material without sound energy conduction; once the sound energy is injected, it can be changed shape with the ripple of sound, and it will also take on a solid appearance. It more like a wet concrete status, combined with sands and liquid.

The skyscraper curtain is shaped and managed by sound waves to implant energy management of natural sunlight and interior light source, indoor temperature and air-conditioning management, intelligent floor layout, and intelligent management of floor plates(slabs). Using the conductivity of sound waves, the shape of the sound texture, in cooperation with its multiple points, achieves a changeable floor layout configuration, slabs shape, curtain shading device, etc.

Ultra-Sound Device (AIUSD).

AIUSD is installed on tempered glass, and USM exists in the tempered glass of the skyscraper curtain. The shaped USM can be operated as a smart curtain. The thickness and extension of the USM in the curtain can be adjusted according to the trajectory and intensity of the sunlight by AI information systems to make appropriate indoor temperature and lighting control, which can automatically save air conditioning and lighting energy.

Exterior Skin

The skin outside the curtain of the building controls the blocking of sound waves from propagating to exterior, and protects the sound generator, because the electronic equipment needs to isolate water and dust. On the one hand, the skin can present the vibration of sound waves, and the performance is a kind of art with AI diagram control. The sound art works are on the exterior skin. This is the artistic wall surface that can be displayed on the exterior wall of the building. The art performance of this skin can also be rented to specific commercial units to increase the skyscrapers' commercial revenue.

Under the action of many AIUSD, the appropriate and accurate sound energy is emitted to the floor slab, which can control the

Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 4 Exterior Skin change color by USM changed density and thickness.

undulating shape of the floor, and then have different layout plan configurations at different frequencies; if to implant to the external wall curtain, exterior curtain can show performance shapes and artistic expression; USM can also have different beautiful colors through the refraction of sunlight.

Layout Plan

Different floor configurations can be made on different floors demands. In different sound wave patterns, we can find suitable sound patterns for flat configuration. For example, in the 5201hz sound pattern, it is very suitable for office space. The space ratio between the high and low peaks of the sound ripple pattern is very suitable for office use. Among the 1033hz sound voiceprints and ripple, there are fewer compartments generated by ripples. We can use its flat space to make large banquets, performances, etc. In the 1820hz, the space created is conducive to the dynamic planning of the exhibition, so the floor plan created by such a voiceprint and ripple can be used as a gallery or exhibition hall.

MEP and AI Integration

The overall MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) environment driven by sound energy can be integrated. This includes AI energy management. First of all, the lighting control of the space can be confirmed by the sensor of the curtain wall. If the illumination is too high, the AI curtain can be used; The USM is transformed into an appropriate thickness and length (reference to page 2 on upper right space) to control the amount of light that enters the interior space, so that the power consumption of the light can be balanced; on the other hand, controlling appropriate sunlight to enter interior space, which affects the internal temperature and the energy used by the air conditioner may reduce, to achieve the overall energy consumption can reach the specifications of green buildings. To reduce energy consumption, also means that the cost of building operations will also be reduced.

Recycle System and Benefit to Environment

The use of sound energy to change the shape of buildings is future technology, but such energy will not produce wastes that are harmful to nature, such as thermal power generation, coal-based power generation will generate carbon dioxide and produce a greenhouse effect. The energy of sound can be converted through clean energy sources, such as nuclear power, solar power, and hydrogen fuel power. S.O.U.S. Buildings only need to be completed after the structure is built up, then slobs and exterior wall and curtain are shaped by USM. Therefore, during the construction process, no more resources are wasted and no more natural resources are over consumed. When the life of the building expires, all AISUD can be recycled and USM can recycle to build the next building. Such a high-tech AI building requires a very low carbon footprint for construction. In the process of reuse, it can also completely control energy consumption through AI control; this not only saves operating costs, it is also very helpful for the maintenance of whole world nature.

Data streaming and intelligent learning can be carried out between each AIUSD. In every different region of the world, the SOUS buildings in every city with different climate, latitude, longitude, and height can record the local climate change and daily sunlight plan; In order to compete with the natural environment and protect the building body, the exterior curtains (skin) need to calculate the ultrasonic energy, and the calculated process will record the changes in natural data and become big data that can be used by environmentalists around the world.

AI Ultrasonic Device (AIUSD) is the core and key technology of the entire S.O.U.S. system. It operates on the target plane and facade under the action of multiple devices and emits accurate sound waves and frequencies to deform and move the target object. As can be seen from the cross-sectional view, center of the device is an AI processor, and there is a horizontally amplified sound generating device beside it. The hollow body of the device is installed with circuit boards and electric coils to expand and accurately emit sound energy. The two ends of the device are the largest emitters, which can shape the inner floor, and the external curtains and skin in a undulated shape.

The entire AIUSD is made of titanium alloy and has a dark gray color. It can stably emit powerful sound energy without being broken by itself. AIUSD is installed between two pieces of reinforced Low-E glass, to shape USM. The outer skin is made of bio-membrane; this substance is white and translucent, breathing like skin, bringing in natural sunlight, water, air, and isolating dust, heavy metals and toxic substances. The outer skin is supported by a carbon fiber net-frame, which does not disintegrate after the transmission of sound waves. The structure of the S.O.U.S. building is made of SR steel, so the outer layer is enclosed by a carbon fiber enclosure, so the appearance of the entire building full of tenacity, and it is resistant to earthquakes or strong winds.

The USM can refract sunlight to produce various colors because of its different densities and thicknesses. Therefore, AI calculations can be used to generate incredible wonderful color changes on the building appearance.

The use of floor slabs on high floors can create hollow floor slabs, so that lower floors can have more sunlight.

Users on the same floor can have different floor plans through different settings. For example, a position will not be left without sunlight for a long time due to corners, and the floor can be slowly turned by time. The user will not be aware of the adjustment to the best position (shower by sunlight). The floor can also have different plan layouts due to the increase in users. For example, the office configuration is set of 50 people. When the number of people increases to 70 people; The frequency configuration tune higher to generate more ripples and plan more partition of work space.


Test video for project


Concept into future.

In the bionics of the stems and leaves, we use the function of 3D printing. We print the veins of the water in the frame of the curtain wall, which includes the water needed before photosynthesis, and post-photosynthesis liquid sending away. The liquid (we call it energy liquid containing glucose, which can be supplied with other biological nutrients or as a fuel). There are three layers of tissue in the frame, the upper cover (tempered glass), the cell frame(middle frame), the lower plate, and the artificial cells in the middle. The cell contains package with the bio-membranes to contain chloroplasts and all tissues that need to run photosynthesis, also it trans solar light and CO2 in and let the O2 release to the nature.


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